Book Review · Children · Fantasy/Paranormal/SciFi

Fairy Lunchbox by Emily Martha Sorensen

Fairy Senses Series, Book #7

Genre: Children/Fantasy

Number of Pages: 56

Publication Date: September 15, 2016

Rating: 4-star-review


In the seventh installment of the Fairy Senses Series, we follow Georgina as she tries to comprehend her new fairy sense. It all starts with a lunchbox.

In addition to understanding this, struggles between past friendships, specifically Bianca, are tied in this short read. Will the girls ever become friends again and work together in understanding all these new fairy senses?

my-thoughtsThis was another cute story that Ms. Sorensen has shared. Most characters are likable, even Georgina, who can be pretty abrasive. The author takes the time to give the reader a snapshot of this young girl’s home life, and explains why she acts the way she does.

I really like how the author brings in real-life friendship issues in her imagined world. Being a good friend and understanding that sometimes all you need to say is “I’m sorry” is something valuable that children should be taught. Since children (and adults) learn better when they are not in the mix of a situation, a book like this would be great to open discussion of knowing when you are wrong, apologizing, and accepting an apology.

While reading there were a few small errors that I’m not used to seeing in this series. One example would be on page 35, “Has anyone else here opened seen or opened a door..?” I believe the first “opened” was placed there by mistake. There weren’t too many, so the reading wasn’t disrupted too often, but it was something that I noticed.

The reasons this book is not receiving a 5-star rating is due to the rushed and confusing ending. Now that we are in the seventh installment, there are a lot more children and parents involved. Therefore, when everyone met at the end, I felt confused and found myself trying to remember whom was whom. Also, the last couple of chapters were a bit jumpy and I found myself rereading the scenes.

Yes, I would. To children who enjoy fantasy reads. Also, to adults who would like to teach their children the value of friendship with a fun book.

I received a free copy of this book by the author in exchange for an honest review.

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