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Unspeakable Acts by Janet Leigh Green

McQueen Investigation Series, #1

Genre: Horror
Number of Pages: 408
Publication Date: July 5, 2016
Rating: 4-star-review
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“Click, click, click,” is all she hears.

“Click, click, click,” is when he comes.

“Click, click, click…” What will she do?

Charlie has been on her own for a while, and for several nights something strange and abnormal happens to her. Someone…or something comes and takes over her body at night. When realizing how terrifying this is, she calls upon the McQueen Investigation brothers to figure out what paranormal activity is happening within her home.

The McQueen brothers, Doug and Scott, enlist their friend and talented psychic, Shelia, to assist in this investigation. However, what they thought of a possible one restless entity turns how to be more…with a past so dark and chilling that it’ll have the readers gripping their books to find out its twisted ending.

my-thoughtsWhere to begin? This book is setup with alternating perspectives between the main characters in the present time. Then, the other part of the book is referencing the past in which the entity lived during. I really loved and appreciated the switching from the past and present. They complemented each other well.

The horror aspect was beautifully done. It was a great balance of creepiness and disturbing parts. I did not have nightmares, which is great for me, but my skin did crawl and it was very hard to put down. The premise of the book is unique and creative, and the author has clear talent in developing a gripping tale.

There were a few aspects of this book that prevented me from giving it a 5-star rating. The main thing is the editing. There were several run-on sentences and repetitive thoughts and phrases. Most characters were one-dimensional, and I felt some conversation was forced. At times, I also felt the main characters, Charlie, Doug, Scott, and Sheila, were a bit too happy and carefree during some parts of this very crucial and disturbing times. It could have been because the author wanted to add some lightness to the story. I will mention that according to the author, there is a rewrite happening of this book at the moment that will address some of these issues. Therefore, I look forward to seeing the upgrade!

You may ask, why a 4-star if all these issues? Simply because I literally could not put this book down! There was something about this tale that the pages flew by so quickly every time I sat down to read it. If an author can capture my attention even with everything listed above, then I say that author has some great talent!

As a warning: there are scenes of rape, animal and human cruelty, and killing in this read.

Yes, I would. To those who enjoy horror reads and have a strong heart/stomach for some disturbing scenes.

As a side note: this book is currently OnlineBookClub‘s Book of the Month. Perfect for Halloween! Click here to participate!

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