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The Seventh Seal by A. J Dobbs

The Chronicles of David Stone, #1

Genre: Fantasy/SciFi/Young Adult
Number of Pages: 226
Publication Date: July 8, 2015
Rating: 4-star-review

**Was officially reviewed for OnlineBookClub. Check out the full review here**

downloadIn a place called Thera, the Seven Keepers sole job is to maintain the balance between Earth and its alternate planet, Arthe. However, when Olding Smee decides to throw off the balance and desires to become the leader of all, the Keepers must work hard to stop him.



This young adult mixes both Fantasy and Science Fiction to make a captivating story. It really was hard to put down! The protagonists are likable, even Smee, the villian, isn’t so bad.

Along the way, there were moments that I thought could use some improvement. For instance, it was difficult picturing the planet, Arthe. Even though it was mentioned, not much was said about the planet and how it actually connects to Earth. Also, with the amount of Keepers and action in this plot, I felt most of the Keepers were one-dimensional. It was challenging to distinguish one from the other.

Yes, I would. To those who enjoy a mix between Science Fiction and Fantasy.

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