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The Life Engine by Rick Baker


Genre: Crime/Thriller
Number of Pages: 363
Publication Date: February 16, 2016

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downloadEthnobotanist April Gentry is not afraid to take risks in order to voice her concerns about the life expectancy of our planet. She wants nothing more than to save the Amazonian forests, where most of the oxygen is held.

However, as she is in the spotlight, April has made some enemies. Now with the potential important information being leaked, the only person that can save her (potentially her life) is Ian Wolfe.


Though this read made me very excited when I first picked it up, I must say I was disappointed. Not only are the action scenes a bit too far-fetched for my taste, keeping track of the amount of characters and their indistinguishable tone of voice was hard to do.

For my full review of this book, please click on: Review by hsimone

Maybe to those who like action-packed reads without much character development?

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