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First Contact: Strings Attached by Paul J. Nelson

First Contact series, #1

Genre: Science Fiction
Number of Pages: 320
Publication Date: January 19, 2016
Rating: 2-star-review
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Zalk has a special gift – he is a Sensitive. This means he holds the power of telepathy. However, when a local newswoman tries to expose him as insane, he moves away with his wife, Elfa. That is, with the influence from an outside being from another planet.

When things begin to become more complicated with a mining project, Zalk is confused with the real intentions of this outside being. What does he really want? Can he be trusted?


The premise of the book is good. The part that I liked was the connection that Zalk had with the outsider from another planet. I found it interesting. However, I’m afraid I cannot say the same to other aspects of the book.

Starting with the plot, I had high hopes in enjoying the unique storyline. It started off a bit strong, but there was a time when the excitement petered out. This was the time when the plot took a business turn, and the characters were all concerned about the collection of gold and building the passageway for different planets to connect. I did not care about this part of the plot.

I also did not feel any real connections with the characters. To me, they were just present in the story, and throughout most of the story, I had no feelings of what happened to them. This is very unfortunate because the last bit of the story would normally have been exciting, however, by this time, I did not hold any excitement.

The writing in general is fine, but a couple of technical issues bothered me. For one, I did not understand the need to throw in some new/made up words throughout the book when it did not really add to the story. For instance, the word ‘sol’ means ‘day’. I found it rather bothersome to see these specific words italicized. To me, when I see italicized words, I’m ready to see a word that needs to be emphasized. But, not here. So many words were italicized, it was very distracting. Especially when it was presented as this: ‘holisol’ as opposed to ‘holiday’.

Also, I found it distracting when the physical appearance of some of the dialogue was different than the rest. In other words, it seemed like throughout the novel, whenever someone had a lengthy comment, the whole comment would be indented, the font would be decreased, and no quotations would be used.

I will end in one last note: the name choices were interesting in general in this read, which is fine for a SciFi read. However, I am rather confused as to why everyone had a name, while one character, Gorja, became GG, then G3 within the same page. She is then referred to as G3 throughout most of the novel. The switching from GG to G3 was extremely quick.


Obviously, I did not enjoy this read, but others might…I hear those who enjoy classic SciFi reads will enjoy this.

I received this eBook from OnlineBookClub in exchange for an honest review.

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