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Guardian of Paradise by W.E. Lawrence


Genre: Romance
Number of Pages: 384
Publication Date: October 15, 2014

Rating: 4-star-review out of 5
OBC Rating: 3 out of 4 stars
Themes: Loyalty, Greediness vs. Caring, Love
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downloadWhat would you do if your home was being invaded and no one believed you?

Kira Wall, strong-willed and courageous, lives on the island of Alofa. Her love and passion for the people on the island has always come first. When new outsiders come, her suspicions are heightened and her trust in them is nonexistent.

Trevor, a botanist and doctor, has agreed to join Captain Coleman’s crew in search for new plants and herbs in order to improve health on a beautiful island.

When the two meet, the attraction is plainly there. But Kira refuses to acknowledge any attraction due to her trust issues with foreigners. However, when her suspicions become more and more real, she will have no other choice than to enlist some help in order to save the island and the livelihood of its people.


When I began reading the first few pages, I found myself comparing this book to the Disney version of Pocahontas. There were times of similarities, but also some drastic differences as well. Therefore, I stopped comparing the two in order to fully take in the story.

Told in the third person omniscient point of view, this is a story that I really enjoyed. One of my favorites aspects of this book is the relationship development between Kira and Trevor. It wasn’t rushed into and it was sweet. There are some love-making scenes, but it was done with love in mind, not just lust, which I appreciate in any story.

One of favorite scenes of Kira is when she twisted a man’s wrist and brought him down to his knees after acting inappropriate towards her. I knew right away that I would like her. Though there was one point when I thought she let her cockiness get the best of her, which could have led to severe consequences, but overall I liked her. Another strong female is Kira’s best friend, Malana. This woman shows courage, bravery, and loyalty towards Kira. So much so that she would put her own life at risk in order to help out her best friend.

Though I loved the story and how the plot developed, there were a couple of things that could have been improved. For instance, there were several missing periods and some missing quotation marks throughout the story. Also, at times, some of the dialogue felt a bit forced and unnatural. Therefore, I would suggest another edit through, and then the book would receive a full score from me!

As a warning: There are a few explicit sexual scenes in this book.

Absolutely! Though it requires some touch ups, those who enjoy romance will definitely enjoy this read!

I received this eBook from OnlineBookClub in exchange for an honest review.

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