Book Review · Fantasy/Paranormal/SciFi · New Adult

Dragon’s Hope by Emily Martha Sorensen

Dragon Eggs, #2

Genre: New Adult/Fantasy
Number of Pages: 56
Publication Date: November 27, 2016
Rating: 5-star-review

downloadIn this second installment of the Dragon Eggs series, Rose and Henry are getting married in order to rightfully adopt their new baby dragon. Baby Virgil is very much alive and ready to come out of his egg and eat!

As the hours go by, Henry steps up in being the father of Virgil while Rose has doubts. She’s never had a baby before, let alone a baby dragon! Will this new and small family be able to work everything out while both parents try to balance parenting with college?


One word describes this book – adorable! I was fortunate enough to have read the first in the series, which helps a lot in reading this one. Dragon’s Hope jumps right where Dragon Eggs (Dragon Eggs, #1) leaves off.

In this quick chapter book, Ms. Sorensen continues to develop both Rose and Henry while giving life to baby Virgil. Henry is ready 100% to adopt this little dragon, while Rose worries about how much time it is taking up, which could hinder her education. It brings a sense of reality to the book because a baby does take up more time and energy. This includes – feeding, diaper changes, inconsistent sleeping patterns, and trying to understand the world around them. Though represented through a dragon, I think the author does a wonderful job in giving a snapshot of what parenting a newborn is like.

I also enjoyed the plot structure of this quick read. Even though the dragon element is fantasy, everything else is very realistic: the views of women and education in the past, the responsibilities of parenting and adulthood, time management, compromising, and so much more. There is a lot here, but it in no way is overwhelming to read due to the air of lightness and humor throughout the book.

I will end with my favorite scene (without giving too much away) – when everyone is trying to figure out what and how to feed Virgil while the baby dragon anxiously (and impatiently) waits. I literally laughed out loud during this scene. There was something in how it was crafted that I found extremely enjoyable!

Absolutely! To those who enjoy quick, clean, and fun fantasy reads about dragons!

I received a free copy of this book by the author in exchange for an honest review.


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