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The First Five Days by John O. and Archie A.


Of the Lionean Saga, #1


Genre: Fantasy
Number of Pages: 589
Publication Date: April 30, 2016

Rating: 2-star-review out of 5
OBC Rating: 2 out of 4 stars
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downloadYosi Sint has been named leader of Lionea and begins his first five eventful days. From treachery to backstabbing to endangering lives, Yosi begins to suspect that his own safety is in jeopardy. Follow this leader as he faces the perils of his new role.



Told in alternating perspectives, the reader is given insight to the workings of this medieval period.

It was very difficult to give this book a rating. Though I really enjoyed Yosi’s perspective and could follow his story line easily enough, there were other times where I was left confused, questioning who was whom and trying to identify what role they played in the story.

Several times, I found myself needing to backtrack and attempt to remember if I had read about specific characters or not. Sometimes I found out that I haven’t, and other times I did read about them, but was unable to remember what happened to them previously or how they connected to Yosi’s story. This quickly became tedious and was frustrating all throughout the read.

This disjointed way of telling the tale could very well be because two authors wrote the story rather than one. Most times, it is challenging for one author to write a memorable and worthwhile story that when creating a story with someone else, there is more room for mistakes and interruption of story flow.

On top of the choppiness, there were several errors throughout the book. This included punctuation missing or misplaced, noun and verb disagreement, and consistently keeping up with medieval-style writing.

Lastly, as this is a new world that the authors have created, there is a lot of world building here. However, there needs to be balance of introducing the world and weaving in the familiar. It is important to allow the readers grasp the setting and time period without overloading them. In The First Five Days, I felt overwhelmed at times and had a very difficult time in understanding where all the characters lived and how they related to one another.

Additionally, there were several terms and titles introduced very quickly and throughout the read that I eventually stopped questioning what they meant because it was clear that I wasn’t going to find out. For instance, Yosi is the HN. But, what is an HN? What does it stand for? Then, there were several references of the time of day, like the ‘Hen’s Hour’, ‘Sun’s Hour’, ‘Crow’s Hour’, etc. None of which I had an inkling of the actual time of the day. I could guess, but why make your readers guess at something so simple?

For those who have compared this to the A Song of Ice and Fire series, I don’t see it. As a fan of this extremely epic fantasy, it is not very fair to compare the two. George R.R. Martin’s world is organized and characters were introduced slowly. His world is epic with a bigger issue at hand aside from all the backstabbing and deceit. Overall, if you’re A Song of Ice and Fire fan, don’t expect the same here.

As a warning, there are scenes of rape, murder, and torture in this read. If you are a reader that is disturbed by this (as I was), you may want to pass.

Maybe. There are others who have enjoyed this read, I personally wasn’t a big fan. But, if the plot intrigues you, there might be a chance that you’ll like it too.

I received this eBook from OnlineBookClub in exchange for an honest review.

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