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The Grand by Dennis D. Wilson


Genre: Crime/Political Thriller
Number of Pages: 244
Publication Date: November 22, 2016

Rating: 4-star-review out of 5
OBC Rating: 3 out of 4 stars
Themes: Loss, Friendship, Love, Human Trafficking

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downloadPolice officer Dean Wister is forced to take a leave to mourn the death of his wife, Sara. He arrives at The Grand Tetons to reminisce and heal, as this is the place where Dean and Sara fell in love.

However, his time off is suddenly interrupted when a man is found dead after a car accident. Dean teams up with the local police to solve the mystery. However, what is found is much more than he bargained for.

This multi-layered political thriller involves murder, mystery, political scandals, money laundering, human trafficking, and learning to live again.


When I first picked up this novel, I did not know what to expect. Usually, anything that deals with politics, I shy away from. However, I was pleasantly surprised with this one. Though there are some political scenes, they did not overpower the story in the slightest. In fact, the story that develops here was one of my favorites.

Told in multiple perspectives, the reader also dives deep into each character’s life and backstory. I will admit when learning about Dean’s late wife, I was saddened, but also a little uncomfortable of her ghost reappearing to talk, cuddle, and pleasure him. The reason being is that I did not find this very realistic, while the rest of the story was. However, as time went on, I began to better understand his circumstance. Losing his wife hit Dean extremely hard and remembering her was his salvation.

The author does a nice job in continually making the reader think. Throughout the novel, I really did not know who the ultimate killer was. When it came to the Russian human trafficking scenes, at first, I couldn’t put the dots together. However, the author does eventually connect every dot and creates an interesting read.

Overall, the read is definitely a higher-level political thriller and one that leaves the reader guessing the whole way through. The only aspect I found that could have been better improved is potentially slowing down the amount of new information given. Toward the beginning of the read, I felt a little overwhelmed when it seemed like new characters kept showing up; this made me lose some interest. However, once everyone was introduced and the perspectives continued to switch, I was able to get a better handle on who was who.

I’m happy to say that at the end of the novel, my heart was racing wanting to learn how will everything be tied together.

Yes! To those who enjoy political thrillers.

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