Book Review · LGBT

The Gold-Rimmed Spectacles by Giorgio Bassani

Il Romanzo di Ferrara, #2

Genre: LGBT/Cultural Literature
Number of Pages: 124
Rating: 1-star-review out of 5

downloadDr. Fadigati arrives in the town of Ferrara. He is bright and welcomes the new change. However, his confidence soon crumbles when word gets out of his homosexuality. Judgment is passed, feelings are hurt, and Dr. Fadigati feels left out.



Where to start? I had high hopes for this read. I actually was very interested and went in with an open mind. However, within a few pages, I knew disappointment waited for me. It might have been due some translation issues, but I really disliked this book.

I thought the perspective would be of Dr. Fadigati, but was sadly disappointed when it starts with a seemingly random man.

The plot was not gripping, the characters were not developed, the themes were unclear, and the writing dry. I found myself skimming parts of this book because I just wanted to be done with reading.

The time period is during Mussolini’s time and even Hitler and Antisemitism was mentioned. However, none of these topics were really explored; they were sort of mentioned in passing.

Overall, I was disappointed that I wasted my time with this book.

No, I would not.




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