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Junior Inquisitor by Lincoln Farish

Inquisitor, #1

Genre: Dark Fantasy
Number of Pages: 248
Publication Date: March 1, 2015

Rating: 3-star-review out of 5
OBC Rating: 3 out of 4 stars
Themes: Good vs. Evil, Redemption, Forgiveness
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*This was part of the Book of the Day Program*


After the death of his wife and unborn child, Brother Sebastian wants nothing more than to get revenge. Much to his dismay, he gets a call to find a missing Inquisitor, which sends Sebastian to Providence, RI.

However, the mission isn’t as simple as he thought. He is met with werewolves, Muscle, witches, Screwfaces, and ogres. Will be able to find the missing Inquisitor? Most importantly, will one act that he commits condemn him forever or will he be able to be redeemed?


My attention was grabbed almost immediately when I began this book. Brother Sebastian is a very likable character. The author does a nice job in capturing the turmoil this young man faces after losing his wife, but also trying to do the right thing in the eyes of God.

I found the mixture of different creatures interesting. The fact that someone from a religious standing is the one to get rid of the evil beings makes this read intriguing.

In this well-written book, there were some aspects that were not as enjoyable. For example, Sebastian is an Inquisitor. However, the author doesn’t really describe what this actually means. Though the word ‘inquisitor’ means someone who questions, but that does not really makes sense in this read.

Also, I found the focus of torture and violence a bit much. However, I cannot decide if I felt it was too much because it was disturbing or it was too much because it got old pretty quickly. Either way, I could have done with less.

Though this is a fantasy read, I thought all the fighting and the amount of new creatures a bit too unrealistic. I enjoy fantasies where the author balances the fantasy aspects with realistic ones. In this case, there was almost too much action/unrealistic parts versus calmer scenes.

Overall, this was a somewhat enjoyable read, but I don’t see myself continuing with the series.

Sure. To those who enjoy dark fantasies with a lot of action.

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