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The 11:05 Murders by Brian O’Hare

Book Cover
The Inspector Sheehan Mysteries, #2

Genre: Crime/Mystery
Number of Pages: 378
Publication Date: March 21, 2016

Rating: 4-star-review out of 5
OBC Rating: 3 out of 4 stars
Themes: Respect, Loyalty, Standing Up for Yourself
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*This was part of the Book of the Day Program*

downloadAt exactly 11:05pm, mysterious murders are being taken place. The question is why are these murders being taken place? What significance does 11:05pm have?

It is up to Sergeant Denise Stewart and the rest of the police force in her unit to determine what is happening before the next murder happens. But, when Stewart acquires a stalker, a secret informant, and opens the doors to a crime committed twelve years ago, the mystery thickens the plot.


Though this the second installment of The Inspector Sheehan Mysteries series, it can easily be read as a standalone.

The read, as a whole, was enjoyable from start to finish. It was one that could keep you reading page after page without realizing how many pages you’ve actually read. The protagonists were likable; I especially like how strong Sergeant Stewart is throughout the read. Even when she was ridiculed, unable to trust others, and then placed in a dangerous situation, Denise was strong and none of that deterred her from wanting to be in her ideal profession – a police officer. This send a very positive message to many out there, especially, she is very successful in her position.

While reading, the author gives an inside look at the unpleasantness of what it means to be in law enforcement. Life isn’t always easy and is, at times, dangerous. Unfortunately, there are unstable people out there that commit crimes and someone has to deal with it.

Though the plot was interesting, there were some aspects that were obvious. For instance, the murderer was easy to determine from almost the beginning. There were one or two times that I questioned it, but as time passed, the murderer’s identity became clear. Also, I found the reason behind the murders obvious, as the author gives a pretty gruesome scene right from the beginning and gives some hints along the way.

For the most part, this read lacked on character development. The main character, Denise, seems like a woman who knows what she wants, she is determined to be treated like everyone else. However, though I knew how her storyline would end, I must say I was disappointed how unrealistic it seemed on fast she recovers from a pretty traumatic experience. In addition, I still found myself confusing some of the secondary characters toward the end, which was a bit frustrating.

As a warning: There are several gruesome and explicit scenes of murder and rape. Therefore, this book is not recommended to younger audience.

Overall, the read was enjoyable and was easy to get through. The author did leave some unanswered questions, so I wonder if there will be a third in the series.

Yes, I would. To a mature audience who enjoys murder mysteries.

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