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Melhara by Jocelyn Tollefson

Book Cover

Genre: Fantasy/Paranormal
Number of Pages: 255
Publication Date: March 2, 2017

Rating: 3-star-review out of 5
OBC Rating: 2 out of 4 stars
Themes: Good vs. Evil
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downloadKyra is trying to be a good wife and mother. She has a steady job, and a boss that isn’t so pleasant. However, she does have secret she’s kept from her family – she’s a witch.

The family plans a trip and is on the way to spend some quality time together when Kyra feels a force pulling her toward a dingy little motel. Her husband grudgingly agrees to stay, but what awaits for the family no one is prepared for.

Now, Kyra is fulfilling the destiny that has been laid out for her. She turns to darkness, blindly following the sinister demon, Alastor. It is up to her family and friends to save her. But, will they? Will they be able to bring their beloved Kyra back? Will they be able to right the world again?


In the beginning, I couldn’t tell if I would like the book or not. The story seemed a bit bland in those first couple of chapters. However, the author was able to grab my attention once the first action scene took place. Then, the plot took a very interesting quick turn when the fantasy elements came into play and Alastor, the demon, shows up.

The plot, at this point, was a bit much. It seemed that the author was telling two different stories here – one where Kyra’s life is so mundane, then the other when she is at the mercy of a powerful demon. In general, this isn’t a bad plot twist, but there wasn’t much transition from one to the other. This might have been intentional, but my mind was spinning, and I had to refocus on the plot itself.

I did find the twist of demons versus angels in this story interesting. It made me want to know more about Kyra’s background and how do the angels, demons, and witches connect.

The character development could have been better. I felt that since the author jumped into the fantasy/paranormal action scenes so quickly, I was not able to get to know the characters very well. Yes, I could differentiate most of the main characters easily enough, but not because of their personalities. Rather, because of their names. In any story, I like to get to know the characters, and it was a challenge here.

I also found the reactions of some of the characters odd. There were times when they would laugh and joke when someone just died or when many people were killed. Even Kyra’s eight-year-old son, Xavier, had odd reactions to things. He seemed absolutely calm and collective when his mom was being possessed and was in cahoots with a demon. I don’t know, if I saw my mom doing half the things that Kyra did, I don’t know if I would be as emotionally stable. This is where more background to his character would be beneficial – maybe he is always calm in uncomfortable situations, but we don’t know that.

The ending was a bit abrupt, as well. It seemed to have been tied into a nice little package without leading up to the resolution.

As a warning, there are scenes of torture and mass destruction within this book.

Overall, it was a fair read that could use some improvements, including character development, plot structure, and overall presentation of the story.

Sure. To those who like action-filled demon vs. angel and witch stories.

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