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The Journey by Shadahyah Elizabeth

The Ultimate Power, #1

Genre: Young Adult/Fantasy
Number of Pages: 229
Publication Date: March 23, 2016

Rating: 1-star-review out of 5
OBC Rating: 1 out of 4 stars
Themes: Power, Trust
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downloadElizabeth, Renee, and Jasmine find themselves different from many. Their ability to speak to one another telepathically alone makes them a bit odd. But, none of that matters since their eighteenth birthdays are coming up and this is when they get to choose the men that will become their future husbands.

However, when a handsome stranger comes into Elizabeth’s house, both her and her father find themselves running for their lives. The King and his men are searching for the three powerful witches that will make his kingdom even stronger. Will the girls be able to escape? More importantly, will they learn their role in the prophecy told so long ago?


This is one of those read that I would normally be excited to read, but then I started the book and it all went downhill from there. Let’s start with the characters. Each and every one of the characters here were bland and held no personality. Aside from being male or female, it was hard to differentiate between most people.

Elizabeth, Renee, and Jasmine are such weak characters I felt my eyes rolling several times. They complained, acted immaturely, acted blindly, and for whatever reason found themselves curled into a ball position several times throughout the read. Basically, they were given the roles of being weak because they were women. This really bothered me. Doesn’t society already view women as the weaker of the two sexes? Do we have to teach young readers that women are viewed this way?

The plot was fairly weak, as well. I found it odd that the prophecy that is mentioned in the blurb isn’t really mentioned throughout the read. There are dibs and dabs of it, but the actual prophecy isn’t stated. Also, I didn’t understand why there had to be a big to-do about the girls needing to find some random stranger to be their future husbands as soon as they turned eighteen. This did not add to the plot, it was never mentioned again after the first few chapters, and it just emphasized how low women are viewed here – it shows that young women only care about how cute a guy looks and nothing else. Again, some of the YA crowd are impressionable. Is this the message that they should receive about relationships?

When there were action scenes, they ended abruptly and I didn’t really feel any excitement. Amazon says this is in the “occult” and “horror” genres, but after reading it, I would have to disagree since neither aspect can be found here.

I can’t even begin to describe the amount of errors dispersed throughout the book. These included missing quotation marks, tense disagreement, possessive noun issues, and misspelled words. Here are a few of the many examples present:

“there” vs. “their”

“Does the others know?” where it should be “Do the others know?”

“scoters” where it should be “scouters”

“applaud” where it should be “appalled”

“Anything would hag been better…” where it should be “Anything would have been better…”

Lastly, the time period is questionable. It seems like the setting took place sometime in the distant past, but the author uses very casual, present-day words that says otherwise. For example, “uppity”, “guys”, “yeah”, and even “prick”.

Overall, this read might have had some potential, but there isn’t much here, there are too many errors, and views of women aren’t very positive.

No, I would not recommend this read to anyone.

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