Top Monthly Reads

Top March 2017 Reads

During the month of March, I read some good books, and some I did not enjoy. Unfortunately, it seems like I read more books that I did not enjoy than those that I did. For the upcoming month, I would like to improve upon this, but for now, these are top read for the month of March 2017.


Harry Potter and the Chamber of SecretsThe second installment of this classic series was something I enjoyed immensely even after reading it several times. 🙂



What I Loved:

– likable characters
– great character development
– fantasy, yet realistic
– world building is subtle, yet fascinating
– left me wanting more

Cannot wait to continue my favorite series!



Marley and MeThis non-fiction was such a pleasure to read. It is clear that the author, John Grogan, has pure love of his deceased lovable and a bit unstable dog, Marley. I laughed, cried, and was filled with love for my own dog after reading this book.



What I Loved:

– author’s voice – inviting and friendly
– logical way of telling his story
– instilled several different feelings as I read
– a good reminder that dogs’ love is pure and true
– even with the sadness, left me with a sense of hope

I would love to read more from this author!


Noah’s WifeWhat a beautiful retelling of the Bible’s tale of “Noah’s Ark”. This book is in the perspective of Noah’s wife, who has Asperger’s. It was wonderfully and logically done that it left me wanting more!


What I Loved:

– likable, strong characters
– wonderful character development
– it wasn’t too religious-based, so many can enjoy even if they are not Christians
– Asperger’s aspect felt real
– left me wanting more

I would love to see more of this author’s work. It would be great if she did more tales like this (from the Bible). I would certainly read them!


These are the top three from what I read in March. My love for each of them is almost the same. Here’s to another adventurous month of reading – looking forward to the next one!S_List_girl_reading_on_books


One thought on “Top March 2017 Reads

  1. Wow, thank you, Sherryl! That is very high praise and I truly appreciate it. 🙂

    Thank you for reading and commenting on this post, and I wish your team the best of luck!


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