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Cancelled by Michael Pinsky

Book Cover2
The Ultimate October Surprise

Genre: Political Thriller
Number of Pages: 302
Publication Date: November 3, 2016

Rating: 2-star-review out of 5
OBC Rating: 2 out of 4 stars
Themes: Power Struggle, Patriotism, Trust
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*This was part of the Book of the Day Program*

downloadThe elections are coming up and the two candidates are trying their best to be in the spotlight and gather potential votes. However, what they do not plan on is having a President who isn’t willing to give up his Presidency that easy.

POTUS launches a twisted and dangerous plan to “postpone” the elections in hopes that he can stay President for longer, perhaps indefinitely. What he doesn’t realize is that there are others out there unraveling his unworthy plans.


This book was a challenge for me to enjoy. Though the premise is definitely interesting and realistic, there were some things that prevented me from giving it a higher rating.

While reading, I felt lost within the characters. There wasn’t much distinguishable characteristics between most of the players here. They were all bland without much emotion or expression. When there was a somewhat light moment, it seemed forced. There were key characters, POTUS and the two candidates, that stuck in my mind more because their names were mentioned several times. However, they also were flat.

I felt that the author purposely used the two candidates, Austin and Samantha, to reflect the Trump and Clinton elections. This became a bit old and tiring; I felt my eyes roll quite a few times when I read parts that reflect the real-life people to the fictional candidates. Throughout a good portion of the read, the author seemed very much in favor of the character that played more-or-less Trump, which I wasn’t a fan of either.

When considering the plot, I thought it was stiff and more like reading the news at times. The author incorporates certain events/news that seem very much realistic, but then blends it with events that were not real. In general, it was difficult to differentiate what was meant to be real and what was meant to be fiction. This was frustrating, at times.

Toward the end, there were some exciting moments in regards to the President and his plot. However, I felt the author could have added more to thicken this part of the story to make it even more enticing. Instead, everything was just stated without much buildup or emotion.

There were some odd errors throughout the book. Some were missing quotations and words, while some were doubling up letters. For example “Ppost Ooffice” (loc. 1306).

Overall, the premise of this political thriller is interesting and has promise, but could use more character and plot development, and another round of editing.

Not sure. It seems like there are others who have enjoyed this read, but I feel it needs a lot of work before I would personally recommend the book.

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