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A Peripatetic Life by Raymond Walley

Book Cover
Reminiscences on an Eclectic Lifetime

Genre: Non-Fiction/Memoir
Number of Pages: 154
Publication Date: January 8, 2017

Rating: 3-star-review out of 5
OBC Rating: 2 out of 4 stars
Themes: Living life to the fullest
Story Perspective: First-Person

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downloadRaymond Walley learned he has Prostate Cancer and that he has a limited amount of time before he goes. His mission is to live his life to the fullest. Walley has visited Paris, Malta, Saudi Arabia, Germany, and several others while holding jobs as a soldier, a butler, a cook, a psychometric expert, and much more.

In this memoir, we get a glimpse of all that he has accomplished so far.


I had mixed feelings about this book. I have high appreciation of this man’s life experiences and how he continually tries to live life to the fullest. That, I believe, is what we should all try to accomplish in our in our own lives. It’s not about the money you spend, but the experiences you have.

Walley seems like a likable person. In the experiences he describes, you can tell that he enjoys sharing what he has done. From wine making to rock climbing to being a psychometric analyst; it seems like he has done it all.

What prevents me from giving this read a higher rating are a few things. One, the author’s tone of voice. I feel the author was just listing things he has done rather than fully giving his readers his experiences. There wasn’t much emotion in the writing, which made me lose some interest. I wanted more. I wanted to be able to live each new country, each new place, but I couldn’t. It always seemed out of reach.

Another reason would be the lack of real personal information here. For instance, this man has been through a few marriages, but the reader never knows why they didn’t work out. Again, I was left with wanting to know more.

Lastly, there were several grammatical issues throughout. Periods missing, hyphens missing, and even a city misspelled.

Overall, the read gives the reader the impression that this man has done a lot in his life, but lacks some emotion.

Maybe. To those who like to learn about a man who has tried to live life to the fullest.


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