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The Ninth Circle by Lincoln Cole

World on Fire – Side Jobs, #1

Genre: Horror
Number of Pages: 50
Publication Date: September 6, 2016
Rating: 3-star-review out of 5

downloadArthur Vangeest has lost it all…his wife, his daughter, his reason for living. Now, the poor man’s sole purpose is to get revenge on those who have caused him to suffer, the cult known as the Ninth Circle. Will he able to get his revenge? Will he be able to live through it? Does he even care?



In this extremely short read, we learn a bit more about Arthur who begins the story, Raven’s PeakHe is a tormented man, almost unable to deal with the fact that his loved ones are no longer with him. The author captured some of this torment in The Ninth Circle. The story, in general, gives a snapshot of Arthur’s life leading up to Raven’s Peak.

Though, I very much looked forward to this read, I must admit I was disappointed. The writing was clear and concise, but left little room for both character and plot development. The book is split into two parts. For me, Part One involved too much fighting. It almost seemed never ending. Then, Part Two gave a bit more substance, but was much too quick.

To be honest, when the book said “The End.”, I was shocked. I had to re-read the last page to make sure I didn’t miss anything. When I looked at my Kindle’s percentage, it wasn’t even 50%. The rest of the book were just excerpts of the author’s other works; the length of the book was misleading.

Overall, the author can definitely tell a tale, but this one lacked information, development, and left me unsatisfied.

Maybe. To those who have enjoyed Raven’s Peak might be interested in this one as well.

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