Quote Analysis

Quote Analysis #2

Quote 2

The source:

From the beloved Winnie the Pooh.

The meaning:

Sometimes in life you find a love that is so profound that it almost hurts when you are not with that person. Worse, your heart aches for your love because you cannot see yourself living without him/her, not even for a day.

Love doesn’t just come and go. Love stays. Most times, this makes every day beautiful and worth living. But, sometimes, reality sets in and you realize that eventually we are not going to be here forever. To think of living a day without your true love is unfathomable. Incomprehensible. Impossible.

This quote signifies that one would want to live almost as long as their love lives, but minus a day, so the heartache doesn’t set in.

So how does this quote apply to our every day life? 

Showing Love: Perhaps the simplest way to embrace this quote is by showing our loved one(s) how much we care for them.

  • Actions speak louder than words – hugs, holding hands, sweet kisses, cuddles
  • Complimenting and/or thanking each other even for the little things that are done
  • Remembering to say ‘I love you’ to each other every day

Living Life to the Fullest: I believe in order to feel that we have fully lived, we need experience new adventures. What better way to do this than to experience these adventures with the one you love?

  • Visit new places together
  • Experience a new culture together
  • Try a new physical activity together (hiking, biking, rock climbing, etc.)
  • Revisit an old place and reminisce on those silly, happy moments when your love first began
  • Have discussions about anything and everything

Who can find this applicable?

This can easily be applied to anyone who has found their true love in life. The true love could be a significant other, a family member, or a friend.

The significance to me:

I have found the love of my life. The one I treasure and feel 100% myself and comfortable with.

When a family member passes away (a sister, a grandfather), or even seeing death in a movie or reading about it in a book, my heart is filled with sadness. Yes, I feel sad for the family members that pass away, but after that sadness dulls a bit, my heart aches for my husband. We are young and healthy, but one day this may not be the case. I think back to this quote and it truly describes my feelings exactly.

My love for my husband began fairly early in our relationship. Our first Christmas together, I bought a plain wooden box and painted/decorated it for it to become a memory box to keep the cards I make for him, the letters I write, and little mementos. I painted this quote on the inside of the box because even back then I felt this way.

In honor of our upcoming second wedding anniversary, I dedicate this post to my loving and sweet husband. 🙂

What are your thoughts?

Have you ever felt this way? Do you have other ways to apply this lovely quote in life?

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