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Forever King by Diana Sims

Surviving the Loss of my Unborn Child

Genre: Non-Fiction
Publication Date: March 17, 2017
Rating: 5-star-review out of 5
OBC Rating: 4 out of 4 stars

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The review below is a shorter alternate version of my official OBC one. If you’re curious, you can find my OBC official review here: Forever King

downloadWhen giving birth to a stillborn child, Diana Sims wasn’t sure if she would be able to feel joy again. To feel happiness in her life again.

In her non-fiction text, Sims gives readers a quick snapshot of the events leading up to the birth of her stillborn son, King Josiah Sims, and the aftermath. Then, this strong woman slowly encountered her trust and faith in God. After some time pursuing her faith and with the support of her loving family, Sims found love. Found happiness. Found her smile once again.

She encourages families going through this tragedy that one day, they will smile again.


Giving birth to a stillborn baby has to be one of the worst feelings out there for families who have experienced this tragedy. I cannot even imagine what thoughts, stress, and feelings goes through a person. In reality, it’s not just women are affected (though most likely more so), but their significant others and families are feeling a sense of loss and emptiness, as well.

The first few chapters in this read, in which the author describes what happened, the reader gets a sense of distance. It was almost as if someone was robotically telling the story. However, this worked on two levels in this read. For one, reliving that devastating time in the author’s life must have terrible, so I believe that the way she wrote is how I would write and/or talk if I was in her shoes. For another, those who are reading her book and have lost a child may not want to completely relive that time in their lives. So, a quick, almost distant retelling might be a lot easier to read than a deep, emotional one – there will be enough emotions in these amazing people’s minds, they need more.

As the author turns to the next phase in her book, Sims is more open, welcoming, and more upbeat. She sheds her pages with hopefulness and, without a doubt, her love and faith in God. There are several positive messages in this short read: Do not blame yourself, have faith in God, and be open to others about your feelings are only a few.

As a side note, the baby featured on the cover is Sims’s stillborn son, King Josiah Sims. This nearly broke my heart when I first realized this.

Overall, this is a very touching short read that I feel will touch many hearts, and I appreciate the author sharing her story.

Absolutely! To those who have given birth to a stillborn baby, to the families and friends affected, and to those who are planning to have children in the future and may need a helping hand. I would also advise to those reading that there is much talk about God.

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