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Beauty and the Beast Novelization by Elizabeth Rudnick

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Genre: Fantasy/Fairy Tale/Children
Number of Pages: 275
Publication Date: January 31, 2017
Rating: 5-star-review out of 5
Themes: Passing Judgment, Kindness, Be True to Yourself, Forgiveness, Friendship, Love



“A Tale as Old as Time…”

Young, spirited Belle wants nothing more than to live life. She wants so much more than her small village can provide for her, where she is constantly looked at and treated differently.BATB_Carousel_2

When her father discovers a dark, hidden castle in the middle of the woods, he is taken prisoner by a hideous and monstrous beast. Belle, being brave and loyal, takes her father’s place as prisoner with promises of escape. However, as time passes, the kind young woman begins to see something different within the mean Beast. Belle begins the adventure of a lifetime.



Absolutely loved this novelization! 

Growing up, Beauty and the Beast was (and still is) my favorite Disney movie. Here, a young woman wants more in life, she doesn’t fall for the typical handsome lad, but her heart opens up to someone whose exterior is a bit frightening. In turn, his cold and distant heart warms up and the two form a friendship, which turns to love. My favorite aspect was the non-princess main character who is able to see past someone’s outward appearance and find the beauty within – there wasn’t this “love at first” which seemed to have happened a lot in the earlier Disney movies (The Little Mermaid, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, etc.). Overall, Beauty and the Beast is iconic. It sends such a positive and strong message to children.

When I heard about the live-action 2017 adaption, I was so excited!! I mean Emma Watson and Dan Stevens as the leads? Amazing!


Watching the live-action adaption filled my heart with so much happiness not only because of the acting and singing, but how much more there seemed to be. The novelization of this Disney movie does not disappointment.

Both Belle’s and the Beast’s background stories are more developed, giving both characters more depth. Readers are able to sympathize more with the Beast and understand how he grew up to be an uncaring figure. Belle is also more unique in her village by being an inventor, instead of her father, Maurice, which I thought was wonderful.

I also loved that readers are given more in the development of the relationship between Belle and the Beast. They share a love for reading, they clean together, share meal times together, and explore the gardens together. It is clear that Belle slowly chips away the Beast’s harshness and in turn he opens himself up more than he has ever before.


The plot was fast-moving, clear, and simply a joy to read, while the themes were relatable and strong throughout the novel.

The only part that I wished was added was learning the Beast’s name. No where in both movies and book does it mention his actual name.

Overall, it was such a joy to read Beauty and the Beast and I can easily see myself re-reading this book. (I’ve already watched the 2017 movie twice 🙂 ).

Absolutely! To pretty much everyone. 🙂


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