Top Monthly Reads

Top May 2017 Reads

As I sit back and reflect on what I’ve read this past month (a total of 15 books!), there are a few that stuck with me and I would like to share them with you. These are the ones that have whisked me away to a different world and I was able to share the adventures with their characters.



Beauty and the Beast NovelizationThis short chapter book was created based on the 2017 movie and I absolutely loved it! 🙂

Bookshelf Book Covers


What I Loved:

– likable characters
– strong female lead
– good background building
– easy-to-follow writing style
– written in story-form, not a playwright
– overall, a great message
– would definitely re-read


Harry Potter and the Prisoner of AzkabanThere isn’t much to say about this awesome series, except I’m still loving it!



What I Loved:

– likable characters
– great world building (including more creative animals)
– realistic, though it’s a fantasy
– awesome character development
– Hermione hits Draco! 😀
– left me wanting more!




WonderThough I actually read this in April, I have yet to place it on a top monthly read list, so it goes here!



What I Loved:

– amazing, likable characters
– relatable characters
– dealt with a physical disability
– realistic situation
– great themes to teach children
– plot flowed well
– would definitely re-read


These are the top three from what I read in May. Did you notice a theme? All children’s books! The level of enjoyment among the three are similar. They have all received a 5 stars from me and are well-written.

Here’s to another adventurous month of reading – looking forward to the next one! Until next time!


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