Book Review

The Refuge by Heidi Martin

Book Cover

Genre: Self-discovery
Number of Pages: 400
Publication Date: August 8, 2016

Rating: 4-star-review out of 5
OBC Rating:  3 out of 4 stars
Story Perspective: Third-Person
Themes: Self-love, Self-discovery, Journey, Grief, Meditation

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downloadAnna is trying to deal with the death of her baby girl and throws herself into her work. Unfortunately, her marriage to Frederick has taken a backseat. Both can feel the effect of the loss of baby Claire and the strain in their marriage.

After a series of dreams, Anna feels a tug in leaving her hometown of Boston and travel south. When she reaches there, what she discovers is more than kind and friendly people.


I was immediately pulled into the story as the author allowed Anna to express her feeling of loss and the strain in her marriage. Told in the perspective of Anna, the reader has a sense of loss toward the beginning and is easily able to embark on a journey of self love and discovery with this character.

The assortment of characters are a great addition to this read. Especially, sweet eight-year-old Lucita and kind Clark. With the help of these two, Anna learns things about herself that she didn’t previously know and throws herself back into writing to help her healing process.

When Anna journeyed to South Carolina, I did find this pacing a bit slow at times. Describing some of the minimal tasks didn’t seem too necessary. Toward the end, though, my heart was racing and I did find the situations realistic. The only other issue I took was Anna’s family resistance of her change was a bit too dramatic; Anna is a grown woman who has a career and a life, so I didn’t understand why her family was trying to guilt her in returning. It was clear that the path Anna was on wasn’t working for her and she needed something new.

Overall, the book was well-written and a pleasure to read.

Yes. To those who enjoy a book of self-discovery and learning self-love.

4 thoughts on “The Refuge by Heidi Martin

  1. Lovely review! Self-discovery books can make great reads but they usually focus too much on romance and end up being tales of “she found the man who would heal her pain” and whatnot. Which is just not my cup of tea. I hope this one wasn’t like that but I’m glad you enjoyed it all the same 🙂

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    1. Thank you! Hm…I would say this one was a mix. There was definitely a romance, which opened her heart and mind to someone else, but the author seemed to have focused more on using her friends (Lucita and Clark), along with meditation to fully heal Anna’s heart. So, maybe a little bit of both?

      It was enjoyable, thank you! 🙂

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