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Border Post 99: No Man’s Land by Kedar Patankar

Book Cover

Genre: War/Fiction
Number of Pages: 56
Publication Date:  June 30, 2015

Rating: 2-star-review out of 5
OBC Rating:  2 out of 4 stars
Story Perspective: Alternating Third-Person
Themes: War, Differences

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downloadIn No Man’s Land, there are two soldiers from opposing sides sworn to not attack each other. However, with each passing day, Indian Lieutenant Sharma and Pakistan Captain Khan hatred for each other grows stronger. That is, until both realize they share something in common. Will this change their views of each other?


This was a read that I had a tough time becoming invested in. Right from the beginning, I felt I was in fog as to what exactly was happening. As time went, I was able to better grasp the situation at hand. 

When the character’s perspective changed unexpectedly, I had to stop and pause because there was no clear break or warning. Because of this it was extremely difficult to understand when the switching happened and I found myself re-reading certain sections to decipher whose perspective the author was focusing on. To be honest, I kept getting both characters, Khan and Sharma, mixed up because their personalities were extremely similar.

Also, I was confused with the focus of the plot, in general. It was clear there was some type of war between the Indians and Pakistani, but it was confusing why Khan and Sharma were in the No Man’s Land, where fighting can’t happen. What was their purpose there?

Along with the confusing purpose of the plot, I found the interactions between Khan and Sharma unrealistic. They kept yelling silly/ridiculous comments to each other. Maybe this was supposed to add humor to this short read, but all it did for me was annoy me.

Finally, I found the ending extremely abrupt. There was no sense of closure and it isn’t clear if this book is meant to have a sequel.

The editing was decent with the exception of a couple of mistakes, which is probably the highlight of this read.

Overall, this was not my kind of read and could use quite a bit of development before receiving a higher score from me.

No, I wouldn’t. There seems to be a fair number of people who have enjoyed this read, but I didn’t, so I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone.


2 thoughts on “Border Post 99: No Man’s Land by Kedar Patankar

  1. This sounds like a Cold War kind of read where the book relies on tension for the greater part of the story. Which is not bad but not for everyone. The humoristic attempts, I see no place for them here. And if the plot doesn’t make a great deal of sense to the reader, then it’s just pointless.
    Great review 🙂 I hope your next read is much more enjoyable!

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    1. The interesting thing is I didn’t really feel much tension in this book, but that might have been because of those “humorous” conversations. Oh well, at least it was a short read.

      Thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts! I also hope my next one is good! 🙂

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