Book Review · Coming-of-Age · Fantasy · Free Copy in Exchange for an Honest Review

Trials of a Teenage Werevulture by Emily Martha Sorensen

Book Cover
Teenage Werevulture, #1

Genre: Coming-of-Age/Fantasy
Pages: 189
Rating: 4-star-review
Theme: Bravery, Self-Acceptance

*This book was kindly given for free by the author in exchange for an honest review.*

downloadIn a world where people are part of a clan, teenage Lisette finds herself prepared to part of her family’s werehawk clan. However, when she turns into a werevulture instead, everyone keeps their distance. After all, werevultures are uncommon and are seen as dangerous.

Due to not being part of a clan, the Rarity Clan invites Lisette to join them for both friendship and support. By joining, she learns there is a way to change her species. As tempting as it may seem, there is a consequence in doing this…a consequence that can affect everyone…


This fun read was something I really enjoyed. The plot flowed well from one scene to the next with enough lightness and intensity to keep the reader captivated. 

I really liked how Ms. Sorensen was able to capture a real teenager. Most times, I feel the female teenage heroine are almost unrealistic and it’s hard to picture them completing some of the tasks that they do. Either that or they act extremely mature for their age or too immature and they become annoying. Here, Lisette is a mix. She is definitely brave, but uncertain at times. She is mature, but has some of those quirky teenage comments/thoughts. For me, it was a good balance.

The only aspect of this book that I feel could be improved is the amount of species/subspecies that are included here. In the beginning, I felt extremely overwhelmed by the amount of creatures people can turn into, especially, when I did not know what a particular animal was. The overwhelming feeling could also be because I’m not used to reading about so many different types of shifters. Though this also added to the uniqueness of this book. As the story continued, I did find it easier to keep track of the different species.

Overall, this was a nice and different type of coming-of-age story. I really enjoyed it and can see myself continuing the series.

Yes, I would. For those who enjoy a light teenage coming-of-age story that involves multiple shifters.

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