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One Last Lie by Rob Kaufman

Book Cover

Genre: Suspense/Psychological Thriller
Number of Pages: 354
Publication Date:  December 30, 2014

Rating: 4-star-review out of 5
OBC Rating:  3 out of 4 stars
Story Perspective: Alternating Third-Person
Themes: Trust, Deception, LGBT, Mental Illness, Relationships

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downloadWhen college friend, Angela, reaches out to Philip, her old crush, he welcomes her with open arms. She comes by Philip and Jonathan’s house for some catch-up time and a proposition.

At almost forty with supposedly no relationship, Angela is itching to be a mother. Philip and Jonathan desire to have a child to call their own. When Angela offers to carry a child for the three of them, the gay couple is left wondering – would this be the solution to their desire to be part-time dads?

What they don’t realize that by even considering, this would be beginning of their problems…


Right from the beginning, I was pretty hooked to this story. What captured my attention first was the loving and sweet relationship between Jonathan and Philip. It was something pure and made me smile. Their relationship was an ideal one to have filled with love, communication, honesty, and respect for one another.

There was something about the author’s writing style that drew me in, as well. The language was simple and the words flowed well. When background information was given about some of the characters, I found myself wanting to learn to understand how and why some of the key characters acted the way they did. Angela, for one, was pretty fascinating and the way she acted made sense with her upbringing. Her on-again-off-again boyfriend is another that has been through quite a bit resulting to his unstable behaviors.

As much as I couldn’t stop flipping through these pages, there were a couple of aspects here that really bothered me. For instance, Jonathan and Philip were portrayed as an intelligent and successful couple. They seemed level-headed and worked well together. But, for the life of me, I cannot understand why, after nearly fifteen years of not hearing from Angela, they would agree to this ridiculous plan of donating one of their sperms to impregnate her and share a baby between the three of them. Never mind, that what Philip remembered from their college days was her being an emotional wreck. This part of the plot just doesn’t make sense. Another aspect I wasn’t a fan of was of Philip’s character as an individual. He was too trusting and fairly flat.

There are some scenes with profanity, and I’m not usually one to enjoy a read like this, but the anger was very fitting to such scenes and I was able to read through them quickly.

The ending was what made this book heart-wrenching and a bit shocking. I actually had to re-read a part of the ending just to make sure I read correctly the first time – I did. Then, the last scene was just so bittersweet.

Though this read did include some errors, for me, it was gripping enough that I was able to overlook some of the editing issues.

Overall, another round of editing and re-thinking some of the plot decisions would be beneficial here, but as I said I was hooked from the beginning and it was an easy read to finish.

Yes, I would. To those who like psychological reads with a bittersweet ending.

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