From Book to Movie

From Book to Movie: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

Since I recently re-read Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stonand recently finished listening to the Harry Potter and the Sacred Text: Season One podcast, I decided to go ahead and re-watch the movie adaption of this book as part of my From Book to Media section. Wow, did that bring back some memories. I was a freshmen in high school when this movie first came out and I was such a big Potter fan even then, the movie was almost a dream come true, lol. MV5BNjQ3NWNlNmQtMTE5ZS00MDdmLTlkZjUtZTBlM2UxMGFiMTU3XkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyNjUwNzk3NDc@._V1_UY1200_CR90,0,630,1200_AL_

Memory Lane: I remember how excited I was to tell my English teacher about the movie adaptation. Apparently, I was blown away by the Quirrell/Voldemort two-faced man scene that I enthusiastically told my teacher about it – what a weirdo I was (and maybe still am?) 😛 . Just thinking about it makes me cringe even today, haha!

Anyway, here are some notes I took while watching:


So, so good! I felt there were some really great and talented people for this movie. All the major characters were great versions of the book characters. I loved the trio, the professors, and almost all secondary characters. The chemistry between Harry, Ron, and Hermione was great and very fitting. Honestly, I can’t say enough how much I loved the casting of Harry Potter.


Just one word – wow! I loved how certain places and people had their own unique theme song. The opening scene, Hogwarts, Voldemort, Diagon Alley, etc. It brought such comfort to hear these songs again, and I wished more movies did that.


For the most part, I found the dialogue between characters fairly well played and the script covered a lot of good key points in the story. There was one scene that I thought the timing and dialogue could have been better. I’m referring to the argument between the Dursleys, Hagrid, and Harry when they were all in that little shack on that secluded island. I felt it was a bit unrealistic and forced. The anger and yelling just didn’t feel genuine. It could be just me, but I thought with the talent in that room, the scene could have been better played.

Other than that, I really enjoyed what was written and how it was written.


Scenes I Missed:

Though I felt the book-to-movie adaption was done really well, I will admit that I was left missing a couple of scenes. For one, I would have liked more Fred and George. I miss how they loved the sweaters Molly knitted for them and how they forced Percy to wear his, the toilet seat references, and them trying to save/catch Harry when his broom was being jinxed. I think it would have highlighted their kindness and humorous selves even more so.

Fred George King's Cross 1

A part of me also missed Norbert’s actual storyline and how Harry and Hermione transferred the baby dragon to Charlie and his friends rather than Dumbledore making Hagrid get rid of Norbert. I think it took away the danger of being caught with a dragon, but maybe in the end this doesn’t matter much.

Overall Impressions:

I really enjoyed this movie. This must be the fourth…fifth time I’ve watched it? Not sure exactly how many times, but enough to know the order of most scenes. Most likely, I’ll end up watching again in the future. It was fun, entertaining, and a great start of Rowling’s magical world!

If I had to give this book-to-movie adaptation a rating, I would give it a 9/10 chocolate frogs!396a47d10ea89dba6ef038cd127192ad

Thank you for tuning in! Until next time!

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