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From Book to Podcast: Davos’ Fingers – A Game of Thrones

Here is my second post under my new section, From Book to Podcast, focusing on George R.R. Martin’s A Game of Thrones, Book #1 of the A Song of Ice and Fire series!

One of the reasons I wanted to revisit A Song of Ice and Fire (and Harry Potter) was to remember the joy reading brings me. Sometimes I end up reading books for different reasons, eyebrows raise, and suddenly I’m questioning ‘why am I reading this?’ It’s happened a couple of times recently, which is so disappointing. This is when I thought it was necessary to bring back some of my old favorites. 

This time, though, I wanted to add another element to my reading. Instead of just re-reading A Game of Thrones, I wanted a podcast that would discuss this awesome book, chapter-by-chapter and where some thoughts and analysis would be shared. After some time, I found a lovely podcast called Davos’ Fingers, hosted by three people – Matt, Scaddy, and Brooke.

Within each episode of this podcast, the three hosts discuss about five chapters by giving a brief summary and holding a ten-fifteen minutes conversation of each chapter. During this part of the podcast, there aren’t any spoilers. However, when finishing discussing the five chapters at hand, there is a segment called Davos After Dark, where spoilers and theories are explored.


For most of my read-through, I read without having the podcast since it wasn’t until me nearing the end that I discovered Davos’ Fingers. Of course it meant I had to start listening right from the beginning before continuing the book!

At first, I wasn’t sure what to think, but in the end, I really enjoyed the conversations, the chemistry, and overall respect the three hosts had with one another. I found their summaries and discussions fun, enlightening at times, and overall thoughtful.

While listening, I did realize there were things that were an oversight on my part while reading.

  • Tyrion’s obsession with dragons – didn’t really make this connection. He loves them so much that he borrows a book from Winterfell and journeys to the Wall with it. It is also the one that he’s reading when Jon Snow approaches him.
  • Books are even more sacred in the world that Martin has created than in our world. There aren’t any e-books or even great libraries in Westeros. Tyrion shows his appreciation to libraries in each place he visits since most likely there isn’t another copy of the same book in another library.
  • Because of the show, I was under the impression that Daenerys didn’t enjoy her wedding night spent with Khal Drogo. I forgot that he was actually very sweet and seemingly understanding of Daenerys’ situation. By the time he began to touch her in a more private area, she was more than willing to continue. It was nice to read how their first love-making was kind and gentle. It’s also great to read how proud Drogo was to have Daenerys as his wife.
  • I somehow missed that the Inn at the Crossroads is where several scenes happened in this read.
    • Catelyn mentions that when she was younger and traveling with her father, she would sleep there.
    • On the way to King’s Landing, the king’s royal family and entourage stops at the inn for a night. The next day is when Nymeria attacks Joffrey.
    • This is where Catelyn seizes Tyrion.
    • Here is where Tywin Lannister and his men stay, and where father and son, Tyrion, reunite.
  • This one I mentioned in my book review of A Game of Thrones, but little four-year-old Rickon…boy, he is such a wild child spending his time with the aggressive (to others) and wild Shaggydog in the crypts! Poor kid!
  • Also, I don’t know if I remembered that both Bran and Rickon had a dream about Ned nearing their father’s death. Similar dreams, but also different. Bran dreamed that Ned was in the crypts and sad about something, perhaps about Jon Snow while Rickon dreamed that Ned was in the crypts stating that he will be finally returning home. In a way, there were both right, but it seems like Bran had a deeper thought process than Rickon since one of the things that Ned, when imprisoned, was most likely sad about was Jon.
  • I didn’t actually realize/remember that milk was coming out of Daenerys’ breasts when she approached the burning pyre leading up to the point when her baby dragons were born.

baby dragons

You can find my review and thoughts of A Game of Thrones here:
A Game of Thrones Book Review and Thoughts

Can’t wait to dive into book #2, A Clash of Kings!

If you’re interested in this podcast, check them out here:

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