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Weakness by Charlie Green


Genre: Crime
Number of Pages: 205
Publication Date: January 16, 2017

Rating: 1-star-review out of 5
OBC Rating:  1 out of 4 stars
Story Perspective: First-Person and Third-Person
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*This was part of the Book of the Day Program and is reviewed for the Blogger Review Program*

downloadDrug dealer Rick is potentially facing another round of prison life. Though knowing the risk, Rick almost cannot help but to sell drugs and involve his family, putting their lives in danger.



One of the aspects of this book that I was looking forward to was how would a drug dealer be able to balance his love for money with his love for family (which is mentioned in the blurb for this book)? However, I did not see any balance between the two “loves”. His love for money trumps the love he has for his family since he was completely fine in putting his daughter in danger without any question right up until the end. This disappointed me greatly. 

Speaking of the plot, I did not find it very suspenseful or interesting. Rick is a drug dealer, so he deals drugs, gets lots of money, and may get caught. Then, there were a gross amount of poorly-written sex scenes with countless women. It ends on an unhappy and kind of weird note, and that’s pretty much it.

I think one of the main problems here is the lack of character development. The very few characters here do not grow in any way and the backgrounds aren’t built. A drug dealer’s life I can’t imagine being a fun or relaxing one, but I can’t sympathize with Rick since I don’t understand how he ended up as a drug dealer, and more importantly the fact that he pulls his daughter into the “business” makes me like him less.  To be honest, he doesn’t really grow in any way here, which then I ask “what was the point of the story?” If there was some sort of background building or some type of growth perhaps my thoughts would be different.

I also took issue with the views of women here. Rick’s views of women is low and vulgar; neither his views of women nor his numerous sexual encounters adds to the plot or likability of Rick’s character. A direct quote – “Women loved money and sex. I didn’t really know in what order, but I knew they craved both.” (loc. 1457) and “I hated when men couldn’t control their women.” (loc. 1089). Some people may be able to read comments like these and graze over them, but there are already enough people and media that undermine women, do we need more in 2017?

Lastly, within the book, there are also some errors that another round of editing would be beneficial. For one, the name of Rick’s daughter, Chanel, was misspelled at least once to “Chanl” (loc. 2426). Then, “…a change to knock.” (1162) should be “…a chance to knock.” I also believe “unproductive” should be “unprotected” in this sentence – “…I wasn’t having unproductive sex.” (loc. 1249).

Overall, I felt the story was lacking and expected more based on the blurb and reviews it has.

Not really.

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