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The Mountain Between Us by Charles Martin


Genre: Romance/Suspense
Number of Pages: 326
Publication Date: June 1, 2010

Rating: 3-star-review out of 5 stars
Story Perspective: First-Person
Themes: Survival, Love, Loss, Healing, Redemption

downloadAn impending storm. Two strangers. A plane crash.

When surgeon Ben and magazine writer Ashley end up in a drastic situation, stranded on the secluded freezing mountains in Utah, everything from their life before disappears. Their main thought is survival and finding civilization again.

If they both survive, will their outlook of life change?


In the beginning, I wasn’t sure how much I would enjoy this read. I couldn’t get over the fact that even though flights were being cancelled that anyone in the right mind would want to fly via a charter plane thinking they would beat the storm. Here’s a bit of a spoiler, the storm wasn’t the thing that made them crash, but it still blew my mind. Even the conversation toward the beginning was somewhat stiff. Luckily, the story picked up a bit better as time went on. 

Written in the perspective of Ben, the reader gets to know him more so than Ashley. He is a sweet, sensitive, and caring person. The reader learns about Ben via the use of first-person narration and the use of a recorder where Ben reflects on the past and his relationship with his wife. Though the book does have these two different styles of writing, it worked well here and I really liked the recording reflections.

I also liked how the romance is taken care of here. It wasn’t fast, forced, or even the main focus of the book. The love is hidden in some ways and shown in other ways.

Some of the plot, I did find a bit slow. Since the main plot point is survival, there were many similarly-related scenes. Though it is very believable that two people who experience something so traumatic would slowly change both of them as they are trying to survive, it felt like something was missing. It’s hard to describe. Perhaps it was the lack of conversation between Ben and Ashley. Perhaps it was Ashley, though engaged, kept wanting to know if Ben was attracted to her. Or, it could simply be because the whole book was pretty predictable, aside from one aspect.

Overall, the book was fairly enjoyable and easy to read, but felt it was lacking in plot development.

Sure. To those who enjoy survival stories with some romance.

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