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From Book to Show: A Game of Thrones, Season #1

After recently finishing the book, A Game of Thronesand listening to Davos’ Fingers Podcast, Season OneI decided to re-watch the first season for one of my newer sections, From Book to Show. Aside from the extra and unnecessary sexual scenes, the first season does a fairly decent job in capturing the feel of the first book.


The casting was so great this season! I felt great pride with Arya, creeped out by Joffrey, felt a warmth/annoyance/sadness of Ned Stark, and so much more. The characters were cast older than their ages in the books, but I still felt like it worked well.



I love the theme song of the series. Along with viewing this world’s map as the music played in the background, it felt right and well-balanced. While watching the show, I didn’t notice too much thematic music playing in the background, but that could have been just me. I’ll have to pay closer attention next season!


Just as the casting was great, I found the script and dialogue to be amazing, too. The writing was very true to the books with the exception of certain scenes. In the show, we were able to gain a few more perspectives than we did in the books, which I felt added some more layer to the multiple storylines.

One scene in particular that I found interesting was when Robert Baratheon was speaking to Cersei Lannister in private. They spoke about how Cersei did love him at one point and she questioned if he ever felt the same. Of course, they both knew he never did. This was telling on their wedding night when Robert named his deceased love, Lyanna, while him and Cersei slept together. What struck me was that even with this sad, reflective exchange, they both were able able to laugh together when referencing how their marriage holds the kingdom together. This just shows how complicated their relationship has always been, which I knew, but having a scene like this solidifies this thought even more.

The other scene that left an impacting affect on me was when Lady was ordered to be killed by cry-baby Joffery and crazy Cersei. I literally cried during this scene and when Ned killed the direwolf. Part of the reason I cried was the beautiful acting between the actresses who played Arya and Sansa, and the other part was because I love my dog so much. Such a sad scene.

Scenes I Missed:

For this section, I don’t think there were scenes that I missed, but there were scenes that I wish were different. For one, I did not like how Khal Drogo raped Daenerys on their wedding night. In the book, it was such a sweet and sensual scene, showing Khal Drogo’s sensitive side, that I wished this was true in the show, as well.

Also, I did not like all the extra, and unnecessary, added sexual/naked women scenes throughout the first season. It gives the wrong impression of the book and it didn’t really add anything to the show (except maybe some eye rolls from me, lol).

Overall Impressions:

Re-watching the first season was a pleasure. Not sure if I would re-watch it again, but I thought it was done well. If I had to give it an overall rating, I would give this season an 8/10 baby dragons!

baby dragons

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Thank you for reading and now I can officially start re-reading book #2, A Clash of Kings!

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