New Year's Resolutions

My 2018 New Year’s Book Resolutions

As I begin this New Year, there are a number of goals I would like to accomplish.


This year, I would like to:

~ Read at least 100 books.

~ 50% of those books need to be ones I want to read while the other 50% can be review books. I will create a new sub-heading that state whether the books I read was solely because of me or because of some review source.

~ Keep better track of marking books I have read on here, Goodreads, and OnlineBookClub.

~ Create bi-monthly polls on what I should read next.

~ Start and end the year with a good book.

~ Read all of the NetGalley books I have requested.

~ Read at least 5 non-fiction texts.

~ Focus on quality, more than quantity.

~ Remember to read books I own.

~ Most importantly, enjoy what I’m reading!

Screenshot 2018-01-03 16.21.52

Thank you for stopping by!


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