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Book Review: Srepska by Lucas Sterling


Genre: Spy Thriller
Number of Pages: 234
Publication Date: September 21, 2017

Story Perspective: Alternating Third-Person
Themes: Working together
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SynopsisThere’s been a cyber attack on the United States. People aren’t able to access ATMs, use their credit cards, and are slowly losing all their cash.

It becomes known that the group, Srepska, is behind the cyber attack. By hiring Fredric Ulrich, it is the hope of the FBI that the criminal cabal can be caught, stopped, and peace will be restored.

my review

Oh, this book. I had hopes for this read, but unfortunately was disappointed. Starting with something positive – having a group who carries a cyber attack against a country could be realistic. Then, I suppose there weren’t very many errors here. However, after this, everything else seems to go downhill.

All the characters were one-dimensional and given no real backgrounds. This made it extremely hard to care about anyone or even the outcome to any of the events. People were killed, being tracked, and used, but it was almost as if it didn’t matter. I also found the interactions between characters stiff and without emotion. 

The plot flow was also disappointing. In general, the story isn’t very thrilling. It was setup more like a report of what was happening rather than having any fear or unsettling feeling even though I believe those emotions were the intent. It was partly because the characters were so bland. The other part was the presentation of the chaos. When something was stated, it was stated in a way that it was happening to everyone. For example, everyone can’t use the ATM, everyone has to use cash, everyone is getting upset and causing havoc. Instead of following perhaps one or two civilians and getting the first-hand experience of how scary it can be when you can’t provide food for your family, get diapers for your baby, or maybe even provide heating for your family. This would have been more effective in trying to get a sense of the mess Srepska was causing rather than breezing by these events with general statements.

When the ending came, it felt rushed. Everything seemed to have been solved in the matter of a few pages without any real feeling of resolution or even relief.

Overall, the premise is an interesting one, but the execution could have been better.

My Rating

1 stars


Though I do see some positive reviews for this, I personally would not recommend this to anyone who truly wants a thrilling story with characters that you care about.

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2 thoughts on “Book Review: Srepska by Lucas Sterling

  1. Oh I’m so sorry this was such a terrible read, Heidi! It does seem like nothing worked here: not the plot, not the bland characters, not the emotional distance while reading it, nothing. It really does look like a book with tons of potential that was just poorly written and executed, which is a real shame.
    I hope your next read is much better! Great review 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, the premise sounded interesting, but definitely wasn’t executed well. Sometimes I feel as if I read a different book than others because it does have a number of positive reviews. Oh well. I hope we both find good ones next time, too! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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