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Mini-Review: Floodlight by Reba Birmingham

Here’s another mini-review of a book I recently reviewed for Unfortunately, my book review for the site wasn’t officially published, but I decided to write up a mini-review anyway.

Genre: Fantasy/Romance
Themes: Good vs. Evil, Relationships, Love, Family, LGBT

bbl cover

~ The Good ~

  • Likable main characters
  • Having two lesbian married couples was refreshing to read
  • Sweet elf characters
  • The balance between supportive and not supportive of lesbian relationships were realistic

~ The Not-So Good ~

  • Perspective switching was confusing, at times
  • Several secondary characters were forgettable
  • Some of the humor was oddly placed, making it off-putting
  • Errors were found throughout
  • Fantasy elements weren’t always clear

My Rating

3 stars


Perhaps those who don’t mind the above mentioned “not-so-good” parts and who are pro-LGBT community would enjoy this.

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3 thoughts on “Mini-Review: Floodlight by Reba Birmingham

    1. Thank you, Sophie! This format definitely makes it easier for me to share the official reviews I do for OnlineBookClub. Having to write two different reviews of the same book was a bit much, and I didn’t want to create a blog post with just a link to my official review (for those that do get published), so I thought this was a good compromise.

      No worries about my review not being published. It’s happened a few times, but you’re right, it’s their loss. 😉

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