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Mini-Review: The Braiding of Diverse Lives by Marti Eicholz

Here’s another mini-review of a book I recently reviewed for Unfortunately, my book review for the site wasn’t officially published, but I decided to write up a mini-review anyway.

Genre: Young Adult
Themes: Love, Family, Loss, Faith, Relationships, Trust, Gratitude


~ The Good ~

  • Likable protagonists
  • The cover is adorable and sweet

~ The Not-So Good ~

  • Character perspectives were not clear
  • Journal entries had unrealistic perspectives (other people’s inner thoughts/feelings and the detailed perspective a toddler)
  • Too much repetition throughout
  • Dialogue seemed forced
  • All tell, not show
  • Errors all throughout (punctuation, incomplete sentences, etc.)

My Rating1 stars


With the version I read, I cannot in my heart recommend this to anyone.

Was this a book of my choosing or one for review?
16 out of 50 books for review for 2018

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