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Mini-Review: The Century Cube by Bo Boswell

Here’s another mini-review of a book I recently reviewed for

To read my full OnlineBookClub official review, you can go here: The Century Cube

Genre: Young Adult/Children/Time Travel/Science Fiction
Themes: Sibling love, Friendship, Technology, Persistence, Trust, Loyalty


~ The Good ~

  • Likable, relatable characters (including a lovable robot!)
  • Characters developed well
  • Good balance of action/non-action plot points
  • Themes were done well
  • Some comic relief
  • Well-written/well-edited
  • Technology was well introduced; not overwhelming
  • Clean science fiction – great for younger audience
  • Ending leads nicely to a potential sequel

~ The Not-So Good ~

  • Could use a better balance of female characters


My Rating5 stars


I highly recommend this exciting read to children in upper elementary and middle school. Also, those older who are young at heart and for those who enjoy reading children’s chapter books.

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20 out of 50 books for review for 2018

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