Top Monthly Reads

Top May-June 2018 Reads

Two months have passed since my last Bi-Monthly Top Reads. This is a post where I highlight the books I’ve really enjoyed these past two months.



Rome Reconstructed: A non-fiction, illustrated flip book that focuses on the ancient ruins in Rome, Italy.


What I Loved:

– beautiful illustrations of current ruins and what they would have looked centuries ago
– gives a lot of historical facts
– book is split into sections, so it’s easy to jump to different sections
– gives a good overview of ancient Rome



The True Story of Hansel and Gretel by Louise MurphyThis historical fiction was an interesting book that explores how some Polish people were affected during WWII. Specifically, we follow two children renamed Hansel and Gretel.



What I Loved:

– likable and well-developed main characters
– different perspective on the events of WWII
– plot was exciting and even scary, at times
– opened my eyes to the treatment of children during this devastating time in history




Craig & Fred by Craig Grossi: Reading about a marine and the dog who changed his life was sweet and great to read.



What I Loved:

– author has a great way to tell a story (voice was reflective, calm, and collective)
– was sad and reflective, but not too graphic
– the way Fred was described was adorable. He reminded me of my dog.
– was easy to follow, even with switching the perspective from during and after Craig’s service time



The Century Cube by Bo Boswell This young adult science fiction was simply a joy to read!



What I Loved:

– well-developed, likable characters
– steady and exciting plot
– lovable robot 🙂
– clean and easy to follow
– introduction to new technology was smooth and logical
– great lead-up to next in the series



Father Figure by James J. Cudney: This suspense-filled fiction follows two young adults, one from the 1980s and the other from 2004, entering college and the trials they experience.



What I Loved:

– characters were brought to life
– plot was exciting with some unexpected turns
– some difficult/uncomfortable topics were explored nicely
– well-organized and thought-out well
– kept me up late at night reading




These were such great books that I’m glad I had the chance to read! If they sound like something you’d like, please do check them out.

Thank you for reading! Until next time!


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