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Monthly TBR – August 2018

It’s August, and I have a good idea of what books I would like to focus on! My mind has been spinning a few days trying to decide what to read, so it feels pretty satisfying to have finally made up my mind.

Monthly TBR is a segment where I try to anticipate what books I will read each month. I find this helps me to keep track of my reading, keeps me focused, and feel accomplished.

August 2018 Poll Winner!


1) To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee: This book was voted for My Book Bucket List – August 2018 Book a few days ago. It’s one that I had tried to read before, but ended up giving up. I’m crossing my fingers that I will enjoy it this time around! 


Dance of Thieves_FINAL 9.18  40771972

2) Dance of Thieves by Mary E. Pearson: Young adult fantasy is definitely up my alley. I saw this one on NetGalley and decided to request it. When I saw the approval, I became excited!

3) When Elephants Fly by Nancy Richardson Fischer: Here’s another young adult that caught my eye. I believe this one holds more serious topics, but nonetheless, it’s one that I’m happy I got an ARC for.

Blogger Reviewer Program:


4) World, Incorporated by Tom Gariffo: Just yesterday, this book was offered as a Blogger Reviewer Rewards book via OnlineBookClub. It’s Dystopian, and I generally do enjoy this genre. However, I think this might be a bit too political for me. Though, I’m willing to give it a shot!

My Own Choosing:

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5) As Good as Gold by Patricia Furstenberg I was very fortunate that this author provided me an e-copy of As Good as Gold. I don’t normally read much poetry, as they tend to confuse me, but I do love dogs!

 6) The Story of Arthur Truluv by Elizabeth BergThis book was given to me as a gift from one of my husband’s grandmothers (she knows I love books!). I’m excited to dive in!

7) The Nightingale by Kristin HannahHere’s another one that I’ve been meaning to read. I recently purchased the paperback in hopes to read it this month!

Children’s Books Readathon:

James @This is My Truth Now is hosting another readathon. This time focusing on children’s books. The books above are most of the ones that were voted on to read this month. I will do my best to read and review them all, but I also don’t want to fall behind on my own TBR, so we’ll see how far I get!

Ongoing Reading:

A Clash of Kings: This is a reread for me where I read a few chapters and listen to a podcast discussion of what I read. The podcast I follow along to is called Davos’ Fingers. They’ve surpassed A Clash of Kings, which is kind of nice, so I’m able to reread it at my pace. Reading and listening to their discussion helps me to dive even deeper than just a regular reread, which I love!

Thank you for reading!

Here’s to another great month of reading!


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