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Book Review: World, Incorporated by Tom Gariffo

A Modern Dystopia

Genre: Political Thriller/Dystopian/Science Fiction
Number of Pages: 336
Publication Date: July 7, 2012

Story Perspective: Alternating Third-Person
Themes: Identity, Power, Brainwashing, Friendship, Technology
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For years, Agent Sliver has worked for World, Incorporated without much thought of who he hurts, murders, and what he does. He enters yet another mission just like any other, on auto-pilot.

However, with this mission, something has changed. The reasons for completing these missions become fuzzy, and the world he once lived in suddenly doesn’t seem the same.

my review

This book has left me with mixed feelings, so let’s start with the positives. I really liked the scenes where Sliver clearly struggled with what he wanted to do versus what he was being told to do. It shows a level of depth to his character. Also, I felt Rex, a cyborg, was an interesting addition to the story and one that added humor to the plot. 

Speaking of characters, aside from Sliver and perhaps Rex, everyone else was fairly one-dimensional. For the most part, I’m not sure if some of them actually served a big purpose and some of them were hard to remember.

From the beginning, the author did grab my attention, but unfortunately, then my interest started to fade. This especially happened when a series of news articles were included as two separate chapters. The news articles, more or less, chronologizes the past fifty years leading up to the book’s current events. There were just so many given at once that I felt myself being taken out of the story and not in a good way.

There were also some plot holes and not much world building here. When entering a new dystopian world, it is important to fully understand the world the characters are living in to perhaps sympathize with their situation. However, with this book, we only get a glimpse of how everyday people live and we barely scratch the surface of what the five supercorporations entail. I believe the author just focused on one of the five in this book, the World, Incorporated. Does that mean that he’ll focus on the others in subsequent books or are we meant to be left in the dark? Honestly, it was hard to believe this was a potential future for our real word, which some people have stated, just because the reader isn’t given a lot to go by. The pages were filled with more action than description of this supposed modern dystopia.

Without giving too much away, I also don’t agree with how the ending was presented.

Throughout the novel, there were also a number of punctuation missing. Some of these were quotation marks, while many others were commas. Another round of editing would be beneficial here.

Overall, this is a book that I wouldn’t have normally picked up on my own, but being part of the Blogger Reviewer Program, I did read it. Unfortunately, this isn’t something that I would revisit or continue.

My Rating2 stars


Perhaps I would recommend this to those who enjoy politically-based books where one man who struggles with his identity.

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