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Mini-Review: Oscar: The Friendly Rottweiler by David A Lees

Here’s another mini-review of a book I recently reviewed for

To read my full OnlineBookClub official review, you can go here: Oscar: The Friendly Rottweiler

Genre: Non-Fiction/Animal Love
Themes: Love, Friendship, Loyalty, Family


~ The Good ~

  • Got to know both author and Oscar, the Rottweiler
  • Reading about Oscar’s stories made me smile
  • Casual, light tone
  • Easy-to-follow plot
  • Author was very open in his own life struggles, but this did not overpower the book’s purpose
  • Sweet story to shatter the stigma Rottweilers tend to get due to their breed

~ The Not-So Good ~

  • Numerous grammatical errors
  • Repetitive concepts
  • Formatting issues

My Rating4 stars


I recommend this to dog lovers and to those who are wondering why these furry friends are amazing companions.

Was this a book of my choosing or one for review?
25 out of 50 books for review for 2018

One thought on “Mini-Review: Oscar: The Friendly Rottweiler by David A Lees

  1. Awe….I’m going to go read your full review. Too bad about the editing errors. Maybe, they are fixed now. I ❤❤❤ dogs, and I’m especially drawn to the ones who are labeled “bad.” I had a Pitbull named Diamond 🐕 for 16 and a half years. She was my everything – so loving and snuggly. She was perfect in every way, and she lived a very long, happy life. She passed away in October 2017, and I still think about her every day! I still have BooBoo, my kitty 🐈, and she makes me happy. I just wish she didn’t age. 😂 I guess that’s how parents probably feel about their kids. Thanks for introducing me to this book. I’m headed over to OBC to check it out some more. ☺💯


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