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🎃Spooky Book Review🎃: A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness

This is the eighth book from My Book Bucket List that I’ve finished! party-popper Look for next month’s poll post to vote for my next book!


Pages: 224
Genre: Middle Grade/Children/Horror
Publication Date:
 September 27 2011
Story Perspective: Third-Person
Themes: Family, Cancer, Loss, Fear, Bullying, Denial, Acceptance

SynopsisThirteen-year-old Conor is visited by a monster outside his bedroom window. Though scary, Conor has an even scarier nightmare. One that he doesn’t want to face. However, the monster that visits wants more than just to scare Conor. He wants the truth from Conor, but will the young boy be able to face the truth?

my review

What an amazing and heartfelt story! When walking into this middle grade book, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I thought I was walking into a story where a young boy befriends a misunderstood monster. However, what I got out of it was much more than that. 

While I read, my heart ached for young Conor and his sad situation. Children who are forced to grow up faster due to a family or environmental situation always tug at my heart strings, and I felt the author did a beautiful job at this with A Monster Calls. Conor was a well-developed, well-rounded character, and, I’m sure, relatable character. Though there wasn’t a lot given from the other characters, you can still feel their anguish.

The plot itself kept me captivated and emotional throughout. Whether it was Conor being bullied at school, trying to be a brave kid while his mother was sick, unsure of the tree’s purpose, or when his estranged father reentered his life, I couldn’t keep my eyes away. It felt very real, and it was a read that I always looked forward to reading.

Without giving too much away, I also loved the symbolism of the tree monster. It was beautifully scripted and presented. This author definitely is very talented in telling a story.

Overall, this was a wonderful emotionally-charged novel that I loved reading and can’t wait to check out some of the author’s other works!

My Rating5 stars


I would highly recommend this read to anyone who enjoy emotionally-charged middle grade books about a boy trying to come to terms with his difficult situation.

Was this a book of my choosing or one for review?
49 out of 50 books of my choosing for 2018!

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