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Book Review: Beneath the Sugar Sky by Seanan McGuire

Wayward Children, #3

Pages: 174
Genre: Young Adult/Fantasy/LGBTQ/Adventure
Publication Date:
 January 9, 2018
Story Perspective: Alternating Third-Person
Themes: Weight, Identity, Friendship, Relationships


Rini enters Eleanor West’s Home for Wayward Children. What confuses everyone is how can Rini be alive when her mother died in her teenage years? That’s the way it is living in a Nonsense world!

Returning characters, Kade and Christopher, and new student, Cora, must work together to bring Sumi’s skeleton back to the world of Confection in hopes to find her Nonsense again. If they can accomplish this, then perhaps Rini will stop disappearing.

Though sounding a bit confusing, this whirlwind of an adventure is one that you’re sure to remember!

my review

For this book, like its previous one, I participated in a buddy read with two fellow booklovers at 

Readers are taken back to the events and characters from book one. It was great seeing Kade, Christopher, Sumi, and Nancy again. One of the aspects I really enjoyed was learning a bit more about Kade and Christopher, and about their pasts/where they came from. Now more than ever, I would love a Kade-focused book! The newer characters, specially Cora and Rini, were also pretty great and it was easy to feel both of their struggles (weight and friendship for Cora; being able to continue existing for Rini).

When visiting the world of Confection was great, and the author clearly described the world. So much so that I felt as if my teeth were hurting because of all the sugar and sweets everywhere! This was the first time I experienced a nonsensical world and it helped me to understand a bit more of the different types of worlds that exist in the Wayward Children series. The first book confused me, the second book did a great job in exploring one specific world, and this one touched upon a few other worlds while focusing much of the time in Confection.

Though I found myself a bit confused on some of the history/mapping conversation by Kade and Christopher, I still really enjoyed these characters and the storyline. I think my favorite of the series, so far, is Down Among the Sticks and Bones, but this was still an overall enjoyable read!

My Rating5 stars


I would recommend this book to those who enjoy fantasy-based young adult reads!

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56 out of 50 books of my choosing for 2018!

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