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đź’®Christmas Book Reviewđź’®: Mooseltoe by Margie Palatini; Illustrated by Henry Cole

christmas-tree_1f384 A bit late, but here is another Christmas-oriented book review!christmas-tree_1f384


Pages: 32
Genre: Children/Holiday
Publication Date:
 September 1, 2000
Themes: Christmas, Family, Perseverance


Moose and his family are getting ready for Christmas. Baking, wrapping, decorating, and even singing. Everything is going so well, it’s perfect. That is until the family realizes they are missing an important decoration – a Christmas tree! How will they solve this problem?

my review

Another cute picture book featuring the theme of perseverance, and even the use of imagination.

The adorable and sometimes silly illustrations are a great way to pull children into this fun-loving story. There was a great balance between the chaos of getting ready for Christmas and the sense of loss when the search of a Christmas tree seemed bleak. It did seem like the author had just the father taking care most of Christmas, which could be off-putting to some.

There was a clear direction the author wanted to take her audience. I loved the way the problem was presented – it had both a silly lead-up and a shocking revelation of what was missing. Then, there was a heart-warming, and even a little silly, solution. It made me both laugh and give an audible, ‘aww’.

Children can briefly get to know how the family’s household was run and how Moose liked to put on a big production for Christmas. Due to the brevity of the book, there was minimal character development, but as this is meant to mostly entertain, I’m sure this won’t matter to children.

Overall, this book was meant to be fun with a clear problem and solution, and I feel the author made her point clearly.

My Rating4 stars


This was another book I read to a few Kindergartners and they seemed to enjoyed the story. Therefore, I recommend this to preschoolers and Kindergartners who enjoy a funny Christmas-based story.

Was this a book of my choosing or one for review?
61 out of 50 books of my choosing for 2018!


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