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Mini-Review: Make It Rain by Vercie Lark

Here’s another mini-review of a book I recently reviewed for

To read my full OnlineBookClub official review, you can go here: Make It Rain

Genre: Non-Fiction/Self-Help/Financial
Themes: Retirement, Investment, Financial Security


~ The Good ~

  • Simple, yet informative
  • Author provides real-life/personal experiences with both successes and failures
  • Conversational tone
  • Example of budget was beneficial to see


~ The Not-So Good ~

  • One section had an overwhelming amount of vocabulary words and their definitions with no context


My Rating

5 stars


I recommend this book to those who are just starting to work or in college, and to those who need an introduction of how to begin saving money for the future.

Number of books of my choosing versus for review:

2 out of 52 books of my choosing for 2019
6 books for review for 2019

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