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Book Review: Birthday by Meredith Russo



Title: Birthday
Author: Meredith Russo
Pages: 288

Genre: Young Adult, LGBTQ
Story Perspective: Alternating First-Person
Themes: Relationships, Family, Friendship, Love, Grief, Loss, Identity, Suicide, Truth, Secrets, Self-Acceptance

Publication Date: May 21, 2019
 Flatiron Books



Morgan and Eric are best friends and have spent almost every birthday together since birth as they were born on the same day. As the years go by, Eric figures out his place in high school while Morgan makes a big decision. Morgan realizes that she’s meant to be a girl. Through many trials and mistakes, the two realize how deeply linked they are.

my review

What a truly amazing and heart-wrenching book. I picked up this book because it was displayed at my library last month. There was something about the cover that sparked my interest – so sweet, so simple. Then, when I read the synopsis, I knew had to check this book out.

The characters were developed very well. Morgan’s transition to becoming the girl she knew she was always meant to be was a very emotional journey. I’ve never had to experience anything like this, but I would say that I have a better understanding and more appreciation for those who have found their true selves and for those who would like to, but are scared to. I thank the author for bringing more awareness to her readers.

When looking at the plot, I found myself fully immersed. Whether it was Morgan’s struggle, Eric’s uncertainty of their friendship, the relationship between Morgan and her father, or when Morgan began to admit who she truly is, I couldn’t get enough from these two friends.

Themes of relationships, love, loss, and self-acceptance were done extremely well. I had all kinds of thoughts and feels while reading. It makes my past conflicts of friendships and self-acceptance seem minuscule compared to Morgan. This most likely wasn’t the author’s intention and I don’t mean it in a negative way. It actually makes me appreciate my path in life and would like to make sure I am as open and accepting as possible for others.

If you couldn’t tell, I really loved this book. It opens the topic of accepting who you truly are in a great way, and I think that many young adults/teenagers would be better people reading Birthday.

My Rating5 stars


I would highly recommend this to teens, young adults, and even adults who would like a better understanding of someone’s journey of finding their true selves.

Number of books of my choosing versus for review:

9 out of 52 books of my choosing for 2019
7 books for review for 2019

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