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ARC Review: You Will Never Leave by N.L. Hinkens

yuo will never leave


Title: You Will Never Leave
Author: N.L. Hinkens
Pages: 270

Genre: Fiction Psychological Thriller
Story Perspective: First-Person
Themes: Trust, Honesty, PTSD, Survival

Publication Date: April 21, 2020
Dunecadia Publishing



Thank you to the author for giving me the opportunity to read and review an ARC of You Will Never Leave.


Blair and Matt have decided to take a camping trip in hopes that it will relax Matt after coming home from Vietnam. However, when rain prevents them in advancing on their trip, they must settle on a different spot for the night than they originally planned.

Unfortunately, not only do they have to share the space with strangers who have suspicious stories, they find a dead body nearby…

my reviewI received an ARC from the author, and I truly appreciate that I did. In the past, I read a couple of N.L. Hinkens’s Dystopian books and have really enjoyed them, so I was excited to give this psychological thriller a try.

The author does a wonderful job in keeping the reader engaged and guessing throughout the entirety of the book. It is easy to deduce that the characters’ camping trip would go negatively, but to determine the murderer was fun to do. At one point, I suspected almost everyone to be the murderer for different reasons. The theme of trustworthiness and honesty lends very nicely to this part of the plot. I did feel the resolution after, knowing the murderer to be a bit rushed, however, I appreciate the ending was not dragged out longer than necessary.

Though there were a number of characters in this book, it was easy to keep track of them and their situations. From Matt’s distrust of everyone to Whitney’s naivety to Blair’s kindness and resourcefulness, the cast of characters had their likable and unlikable moments.

Due to the nature of the camping situation, readers can’t truly appreciate Matt’s PTSD and the complications it has weighed on his marriage to Blair. We see glimpses of it, but since Matt goes into survival mode, we don’t see the theme of PTSD very much. The theme that was glaringly obvious and was really well done was the idea how well do you actually know someone? When there is a killer on the loose, then reserving trust is probably the best.

Overall, I enjoyed every aspect of this book and look forward to reading more by N.L. Hinkens!

My Rating5 stars


I would recommend this read to those who enjoy thrillers that keep you guessing on who the murderer is!

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