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Book Review: Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery



Title: Anne of Green Gables
Series: Anne of Green Gables, #1
Author: L.M. Montgomery
Pages: 308

Genre: Young Adult, Classic, Coming-of-Age
Story Perspective: Third-Person Omniscient
Themes: Coming-of-Age, Adoption, Adapting, Imagination

Publication Date: First published in 1908





Young, red-haired Anne Shirley enters the Cuthberts’ lives with excitement and hope. Siblings Marilla and Matthew, however, were expecting to adopt a boy, not a girl. Though Marilla is just about to give up this rambunctious child, Anne may have won Marilla’s heart. Young Anne just wants to be Anne of Green Gables, at the Cuthberts’ home. Will she be able to adapt to living in a home rather than an orphanage and be part of the Cuthberts’ lives?

my reviewI picked of this read due to watching the Netflix series, Anne with an E. Falling in love with the characters, most of the plot points, and wanting to know more, I decided to pick up Anne of Green Gables. It was surprising to find out that this was part of an eight-book series!

Anne’s almost rambling monologues made me smile. It truly brings out the type of person she is. I wonder, if in real life, I would be like Marilla, who loves Anne but needs some peace and quite sometimes or if I would like Matthew, who just enjoys listening to Anne talking. Most of the characters here are likable and fun to read about. However, I will say that I got spoiled from the show, Anne with an E, because Anne was more developed toward the beginning of the TV series and throughout than she was in this book. This was mainly due to the flashbacks that Anne has in the show of her days at the orphanage that gave her character more depth. There wasn’t much talk about Anne’s upbringing prior to coming to live with the Cuthberts in the book. Perhaps there will be more in the subsequent books.

The plot was interesting. It seemed more like a series of mini-stories rather than one continuous story. Each incident/story did contain the same characters throughout, but I wouldn’t say there was a clear climax and resolution. This could be because the story was written over 100 years ago and story telling was different than what it is today.

(As a side note – I was hoping more scenes with Gilbert…I hope he has more of a presence in the rest of the series! He was easily one of my favorite characters in the Netflix series!)

Even with its lack of Anne’s history and it’s short story approach, I never did find myself bored. I simply found this to be a fun and light read. Because I did enjoy this one, I do plan on continuing the series!

My Rating5 stars


I would recommend this read to those who would like to read about a bright, talkative, and loving girl who navigates a new life with her adopted family.

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2 thoughts on “Book Review: Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery

  1. I loved this book sooo much as a kid! I recently reread it, and reading it as an adult is a totally different experience. I agree with your take-it doesn’t seem to have much of an overarching plot for a novel. It’s more like a bunch of episodes. I didn’t notice that aspect reading it as an 11-year-old.
    I’m about to dig into the rest of the series, which I didn’t read as a kid (watched the tv show though-whichever one was around in the 90s).
    Anyway, I’m glad you enjoyed it! It’s such a lovely story ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I never read it as a kid (I wasn’t a strong reader as a child), but it’s a sweet one to read as an adult. I’m almost done with the second one, and I wish there was more Gilbert!

      Thank you, and hope you enjoy the rest of the series! 🙂


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