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ARC Review: The Wife Who Knew Too Much by Michele Campbell

wife knew too much


Title: The Wife Who Knew Too Much
Author: Michele Campbell
Pages: 352

Genre: Mystery, Thriller
Story Perspective: Alternating First-Person
Themes: Trust, Deception, Marriage, Relationships

Publication Date: July 28, 2020
Publisher: St. Martin’s Press




Tabitha’s almost mundane life is turned upside down when an old fling walks into her place of work. Old feelings come up and resisting Conner is almost impossible.

However, getting mixed up with a man who’s married to a famously known wealthy woman has its own consequences. This intensifies when this wealthy woman’s body is found dead. Being accused of fowl play, will Tabitha be able to clear her name?

my reviewThis was an advanced reader’s copy kindly given to me by NetGalley and St. Martin’s Press. It was one that I thought sounded promising and interesting. Unfortunately, it wasn’t one of my favorite reads…

Starting with the characters, I must say there wasn’t really one that I liked or related to. The protagonist, Tabitha, was more frustrating than anyone else in the book. Though her teenage flashbacks caused me some frustration, her naivety reached a new level during her adult years that I simply had no patience for. I know there are people out there who probably would make similar mistakes like Tabitha’s, so maybe we can say she’s realistic, but getting involved with a married man is just something I don’t believe in. All of this made it extremely challenging to have any sympathy for her and her situation.

The plot, for me, dragged multiple times. As I have mentioned there were some flashbacks to Tabitha’s teenage/young adult years, and these I just found no comfort or had any interest in reading. Then, the adultery that happened was something I also didn’t enjoy reading. In addition, the stalking, death, and poor decision making just didn’t create the suspense that I would have hoped for.

I also found some plot points to be inconsistent with others. For instance, at one point in her life, Tabitha needs to worry about paparazzi and people misconstruing what they see. The author built it up in a way that every time Tabitha went out, someone would take a photograph of her and create a falsified story. However, there was a time when she went out multiple times and if she was photographed that would’ve caused so much of a ruckus, but apparently it was never an issue…it just made no sense.

When I was finally able to begin put the pieces together at the end of the story, the pace picked up some. Unfortunately, though, the very ending just seemed way too convenient for Tabitha. It basically left her with no conflict in a fairly easy way.

On top of everything else, I wasn’t a big fan of the writing. It seemed more like telling than showing what was happening. This most likely contributed to the dragging plot and the lack of suspense.

Overall, though I appreciate having the opportunity to read this book, it wasn’t one that I enjoyed very much. I don’t see myself in looking at this author’s other works, unfortunately.

My Rating2 stars


I’m not really sure who I would recommend this to. Clearly, some have enjoyed it well enough, but I wouldn’t honestly recommend this to any of my friends…

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