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Hiatus Status: I’m Back + Yearly Goal

Hello everyone! It has been a while since I last posted something on my blog. Explanation? I became a mama for the first time 🥰 I knew it was hard work, but nothing really prepared me for how exhausting, draining, and challenging it is to be a mama, especially for the first few months of baby’s life. It makes total sense that it would be difficult, but I just was oblivious to the many challenges my husband and I faced these past few months. Parents and/or guardians who have experienced sleep deprivation can relate, I’m sure.

It has been a whirlwind of great joy and stress, happiness and uncertainty, rewarding and insanity. I have such respect for every single parent and guardian out there. This experience makes me appreciate my own mama even more!

Now that baby has passed his 5 months birthday and is mostly sleep trained, I think I can occasionally get back into blogging, which I have missed. I have missed this community of book lovers and the enjoyment of reading books and writing down my thoughts….so in other words…

(from Google images)

This year, I am only focusing on reading 25 books. Before baby was born and without a full-time teaching job, I could easily have read 100 books in a year. Teaching knocked it down some, and now baby has too. Though I am taking the rest of the school year off to be with our little one, I’m not going to stress too much on the amount of books I read as long as I am reading for pleasure (yes, I do get pleasure out of reading some parenting books and articles!), so 25 books it is! 🤗

Here’s to another year of great reading!

(from Google images)

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