2021 · Book Review · Children · Fantasy/Paranormal/SciFi · Movie Tie-in

Book Review: Newt Scamander: Cinematic Guide by Felicity Baker

Title: Newt Scamander: Cinematic Guide
Author: Felicity Baker

Pages: 64

Genre: Fantasy, Children, Movie Tie-in

Publication Date: January 31, 2017
Publisher: Scholastic Press


In this short book, readers are reminded of Newt Scamander’s story in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and some key events from the movies.

my review

This was another book given to me by a local community member and one that I was interested to read.

Just like my review for Harry Potter: Cinematic Guide, my feelings and thoughts about this book is very torn. I enjoyed the movie, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, so flipping through this book reminded me of how much I did enjoy the movie. However, there lacked some depth and the writing was so-so.

My favorite part was looking at the photos throughout the book. Those pictures helped me to remember certain scenes from the movie and how much I enjoyed those scenes. I especially enjoyed looking and being reminded of the unique fantastical beasts that were included in the movie. The niffler and the bowtruckle are my favorites, both in appearance, and their sweet and funny personalities.

The writing was simple to read. Just like the other cinematic guide I read, this book is split into sections, but from what I remember from the movie, these were not necessarily done in sequential order, even within the same section of the book. Some sections made sense to not be in sequential order, but others not as much. There was also some repetitive information included, which disrupted the flow of the book more.

I don’t remember this movie as vividly as I remember the Harry Potter ones, but I do wish this was more of a guide and not just a short summary of the movie. Perhaps that wasn’t the intended purpose of the book, but adding snippets of how things were brought to life within the movies would have added more depth to this guide. On top of this, there is something essential that is missing from the guide that was essential to the movie. It could have been because the author of the book didn’t want to spoil the ending of the movie. On the other hand, I do question how much a youngster would be able to understand this read without watching the movie since it is a bit all over the place.

Though it does lack sequential order and the writing is fairly basic, I did enjoy reading the book as a whole.

My Rating
3 out of 5 stars


Those who have watch the movie, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, may enjoy this quick read. Though it is intended for the younger crowd, I am a bit wary in recommending the book without the child seeing the movie first.

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